Very dry skin

Improve very dry skin dramatically in 3 steps

The most important thing is a soothing skin care routine. Antioxidants and skin-identical ingredients can help to strengthen the natural skin barrier. In combination with anti-irritant and nourishing ingredients very dry skin can improve dramatically.

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Step 1: Cleansers for very dry skin

Our rich, creamy cleansers gently cleanse and nourish dry skin, helping to maintain the skin’s healthy barrier. Use daily to remove makeup, excess oil and impurities without leaving skin feeling tight or dehydrated.

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Step 2: Exfoliants for very dry skin

Regular exfoliation helps to soften dry, rough skin and restore a radiant glow. Choose a soothing BHA exfoliant if you have sensitive skin or an AHA exfoliant if your skin is sun-damaged.

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Step 3: Moisturisers for very dry skin

Dry skin benefits from rich, creamy textures. Our soothing daytime moisturisers with SPF help to nourish and repair skin, leaving it softer, smoother and healthier-looking.

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Products for very dry skin

Nourish very dry, rough skin with this selection of products that are packed with skin-repairing and emollient ingredients. They work to strengthen your skin's natural skin barrier and prevent moisture loss leaving it replenished, soft and hydrated.

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