A facial serum helps maintain younger-looking skin. After all, serums are packed with effective ingredients such as antioxidants. These have been proven effective for a healthier and younger looking skin. Even if your skin is slightly older, it is never too late to start with a good and effective serum. Discover more


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  • Combination skin, Oily skin

    A lightweight hyaluronic serum that reduces brown spots from breakouts and makes pores less visible.

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  • All Skin Types

    Advanced anti-ageing serum contains retinol to fight multiple signs of ageing.

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  • Dry skin

    Hydrating serum leaves skin looking radiant and protects it from environmental damage.

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  • All Skin Types

    Light, lotion-style serum strengthens the skin barrier and allows it to behave younger.

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  • Combination skin, Oily skin

    Weightless formula fights blackheads and protects skin from environmental damage.

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    All Skin Types

    A primer, serum and SPF-in-one to prepare your skin for makeup.

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  • All Skin Types

    Ultra-gentle serum calms and hydrates irritated, red and sensitive skin.

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  • All Skin Types

    The Power Berry Serum contains extracts from 13 research proven berries selected for their ability to protect the skin against harmful environmental influences and thus repair and revitalise skin.

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  • Normal skin, Dry skin

    Antioxidant serum with vitamin C works to firm, brighten and improve uneven skin tone.

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When is a serum recommended?

A good facial serum usually has a particularly fine, silky texture and is therefore very pleasant on the skin. It is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Due to the high concentration of one or multiple active ingredients, serums are very effective and a great addition to your skincare routine. This is especially true if you're combating signs of skin ageing. Thanks to the light texture, ingredients are able to penetrate deeper skin layers as well. Skin areas that require special care can of course also be treated with the right serum. In this case, it is best to apply a serum to your cleansed facial skin. A serum will be most effective if you apply it directly after an exfoliant. Do you have an oily or combination skin? Then a serum may even completely replace your night cream, especially during summer.

The right serum for your skin type

Depending on your skin type and its general condition, there are a number of serums we can recommend. For instance, an oil-containing serum intensively nourishes the skin surface and can demonstrate quick, visible improvement and a more pleasant skin feeling (no more irritation, itching or dry feeling). Such a serum is especially suited for a sensitive, dry but also normal skin. Have a similar skin type and want to do something against wrinkles and fine lines? Why not try an anti-ageing serum, such as the Resist Anti-Aging Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum with antioxidants and vitamin C? It is particularly effective against signs of skin ageing and can even repair sun damage. If you're looking or a serum that is extra effective when it comes to skin ageing, we recommended one that includes retinol, such as the Resist Anti-Aging Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum. This light serum results in healthy skin, improves complexion and effectively combats visible wrinkles.

If you have a combination skin, choose a serum with a light texture that does not aggravate the skin or feel greasy. It will restore the balance and prevent signs of skin ageing. A good example of a serum with lots of antioxidants that protect your skin against free radicals, is the Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum. Thanks to the many antioxidants, this serum has a unique anti-ageing effect.

Even an oily skin can benefit from a good serum. Choose a light, water-based formula that is quickly absorbed by the skin. A serum rich in antioxidants makes your skin smoother and relieves redness. An example hereof is the Resist Anti-Aging Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum. A dry skin benefits from serums with a silky texture. Vegetable oils such as olive oil, grape seed oil and evening primrose oil provide intensive skincare and a soft skin feeling. A good option here is the Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum.

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Our philosophy? Smart, Safe Beauty. The products you use should work and be good for your skin, no exceptions. Based on our heritage in consumer advocacy, each of our formulas is effective, safe and backed by cited research. We uncover the truth about skincare and share all of the facts with you along the way - because keeping your skin healthy shouldn't be a mystery.

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