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Treat your friends to glowing skin

Step 1

Click on the 'TREAT YOUR FRIENDS' button below to register for the programme.

Step 2

Share your personalised link via email, Whatsapp or you can copy and paste the link. Your friends can also simply enter your name that you used to register with Paula's Choice.

Step 3

Your friends will receive their own code. Once they redeem their code and complete their purchase, you'll receive an email to claim your reward with your next order.


Who can I refer?

You (referer) can refer anyone who's never shopped at Paula's Choice before (referee)! The only rule is – you can’t refer yourself.

My friend redeemed their code but I haven't received my reward yet, why not?

You will automatically receive your reward as long as the referee (your friend) successfully placed their first order using the personalised link or, enters your name/ registered email address. Please make sure there are no spelling mistakes.
You won't receive a thank you code if the referee (your friend) is not a first-time Paula's Choice customer or if you have not reached the required order amount. Please refer to the offer.

How long is my referral code valid for?

If you are the referrer, the validity of the referral code is 90 days once received. If you are the referee, the validity of the referral code is 7 days. Please also check your email for the expriation date of your code.

As referer, does my gift differ to the referee (my friend)?

Yes, this is possible, based on the promotion. Kindly check the offer for more details.

The gift I selected is out of stock, will it be coming back soon?

Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed. Gift selections depend on availability of stock.

What if I want to use a referral code for an older offer?

Older offer details may have expired. Please refer to the latest promotions for current offers.

I forgot to add my referral code to my order, can I still add it?

Unfortunately, it's no longer possible to add the code to an order that's already been placed. If you are a referrer, your referral code is valid for 90 days so you may still make use of it on another order (that meets the minimum order value) during that time frame.

Why isn't my referral code working?

There could be different reasons why it isn't working. Please contact our Customer Care team for further assistance with this.