Skin Recovery

Protect and restore your skin barrier with the soothing and moisturising ingredients from our Skin Recovery collection. This collection is especially suited for dry to very dry skin. The powerful ingredients help combat any signs of skin ageing.
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  • Dry skin

    Rich, creamy cleanser that thoroughly removes makeup and debris without stripping skin.

  • NEW
    Dry skin

    Rich milky toner soothes and replenishes ultra-dry, flaky skin.

  • Powder Picks 2017

    Normal skin, Dry skin

    Hydrating, creamy lotion removes built-up dead skin cells and brightens skin.

  • Normal skin, Dry skin

    Ultra-rich cream replenishes dry skin and provides gentle, mineral-based sun protection.

  • Dry skin

    Rich and soothing restorative moisturiser for effective hydration.

  • Dry skin

    Hydrating serum leaves skin looking radiant and protects it from environmental damage.

  • Normal skin, Dry skin

    Calms and hydrates very dry, sensitive and flaky skin.

  • Dry skin

    This Set calms and hydrates very dry, sensitive and flaky skin.

    20% set discount
  • Dry skin

    The Sample Set calms and hydrates very dry, sensitive and flaky skin.

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Dry skin requires ingredients that help restore the skin barrier. The Paula's Choice Skin Recovery collection is specially developed to restore and protect extremely dry skin. Moreover, these skincare products are also very suitable for eczema-prone skin.


In the end, we all have to deal with skin ageing. Paula's Choice Skin Recovery collection can help prevent (early) signs of skin ageing (such as fine lines and wrinkles).


Also interested in our Skin Recovery collection? Take a look at our Skin Recovery products. Whether you have normal, dry or sensitive skin: we offer the right solution of every skin type. If you order today, you can be certain of a fast and affordable delivery. Are you ultimately unsatisfied or believe a different product is better for your skin? Return the product within 30 days and we'll pay back the purchase price.