The best skincare to give as a gift

It can be hard to give skincare as a gift. It can be difficult enough to determine what your own skin type is, let alone someone else's.

There’s also the risk that a product for a specific skin problem, such as acne or anti-ageing, can be interpreted differently by the recipient than the way you intended it (Oops!). But, don’t worry, we have some must-have products that will hit the mark.

Great Basics

Unless the recipient of your gift is someone who has a specific skincare concern that you know about and who you know very well (like your best friend or a family member), give them a product that is suitable for all skin types. This reduces the chance that they will need to exchange or return your gift.

Well formulated skincare basics are always appreciated. If the person who you are buying for enjoys the outdoors and nature, a product that contains an SPF is a good gift. For a product with a high protection factor that is not oily or slippery, opt for our water-resistant Extra Care Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 50.

For the friend that constantly re-applies lip balm, our Lipscreen SPF 50 is a good gift. It hydrates without fragrance or flavours and provides good protection against UV rays. This is important because lips can also get sun damaged.

Do you know someone who suffers from dry, sensitive skin from head to toe? Our All Over Hair & Body Shampoo gently cleanses skin and rinses off easily. As the name says, this product can be used for both the hair and body. The best thing is that it is fragrance free, because products with added fragrance can be irritating, especially for sensitive skin.

A Luxurious Gift

Treating someone to a luxurious skincare treat is always a good idea. Our multi-purpose product Lip & Body Treatment Balm has a rich texture and puts an end to dry lips, elbows and heels. It can even be used as a treatment for annoying dry cuticles. Another great gift option is Clinical Ultra-Rich Soothing Body Butter it provides long-lasting hydration and leaves the skin unbelievably soft and smooth. Many of our customers say that they cannot live without it during the winter, and for the rest of the year it makes a great hand cream.

Give the men on your gift list a (much) better shaving experience with PC4Men Shave, a softening shaving cream that allows for close shave without the irritation often caused by other shaving creams. PC4Men Soothe & Smooth for post-shave shaving leaves skin looking smooth and bump-free.

Pamper the hard-working women in your life to some ‘me-time’ with our Radiance Renewal Mask. This overnight mask has a silky texture for hydrated and radiant skin. Looking for a little extra? Our Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream has a balm-like texture that works like a super-moisturising eye mask that revives eyes, leaving them looking fresh and radiant.

If you’re still stuck about what to give as a gift after reading this article? Please contact our customer service. Our skin care experts know our products inside and out and they are on hand to help you find the perfect gift for whoever is on your gift list.

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