Cleansing is always the first step to any basic skin care routine. A good cleanser will be gentle, fragrance and irritant free and won’t leave your skin feeling sticky or dry after rinsing. It is important that you choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. The following information will help you to find the best cleanser whether you have oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, or acne and redness-prone skin.


Light foaming cleansers

Suitable for you: if you prefer light-foaming products that thoroughly cleanse your skin. A light foaming cleaner removes most types of makeup, cleanses the skin thoroughly and softens your skin. Cleansers don’t have to foam to work properly, but many prefer foamy textures for cleansing.
Skin type: combination or oily skin, which can be acne-sensitive.
Gentle foaming cleaners from Paula's Choice:

Gel cleansers

Suitable for you: if you prefer lightweight, hydrating products. A good cleansing gel easily removes light make-up, moisturises your skin and leaves your skin feeling fresh.
Skin type: normal, combination or oily skin and skin that is sensitive to redness and acne.
Gel cleansers from Paula's Choice:

Cream and lotion cleansers

Suitable for you: if you prefer cleansers that moisturise your skin. Cream and lotion cleansers have a silky texture and remove most types of makeup but if you use waterproof products you may need a separate make-up remover.
Skin type: normal, dry and sensitive skin.
Cream and lotion cleansers from Paula's Choice:

Oil-based cleansers

Suitable for you: if you prefer a thorough cleanser to remove heavy makeup or if you like to cleanse your skin twice. To double cleanse, first cleanse skin with an oil-based cleanser followed by a light foaming, gel, cream or lotion cleanser. An oil-based cleanser quickly removes makeup and leaves the skin supple and soft.
Skin type: all skin types.
Oil-based cleansers from Paula's Choice:

Micellar water, water-based cleansers and liquid make-up removers

Suitable for you: if you prefer to remove your makeup with cotton pads. Micellar water and cleansing water are different names for water- and surfactant-based makeup removers. You don’t necessarily have to rinse them off, but it is better to not leave cleansing agents on the skin for longer than necessary. There are also dual-phase make-up removers. These should be shaken before use and remove the most stubborn makeup without leaving a greasy layer on your skin.
Skin type: all skin types. Follow with a traditional facial cleanser to ensure that no leftover makeup stays on your skin.
Makeup remover by Paula's Choice:

Cleansing wipes

Suitable for you: if you prefer to quickly cleanse your skin without having to wash your face. These can be a great, efficient cleansing method especially when the wipes are soft and don’t leave a sticky layer on the skin. Take care to not pull on your skin which can cause damage.
Skin type: all skin types
Cleaning cloths from Paula's Choice:

Cleansing balms, cold creams and no-rinse cleansing creams

Suitable for you: if you prefer deeply nourishing cleansers that moisturise your skin. These cleansers are best removed gently with a soft wet wash cloth to not damage your skin.
Skin type: normal, very dry and eczema-sensitive skin. These types of balms and creams are too heavy for oily or acne-prone skin.
Paula's Choice option: none.

Soap and cleansers on one piece (cleansing bars)

Suitable for: nobody! It is undeniable that soaps and cleansing bars thoroughly cleanse your skin, but they cleanse so strongly that they disrupt the surface of the skin and leave your skin dry and taut. Some cleansing bars are less dehydrating, but the ingredients that give them their solid shape can clog your pores and dull your skin.
Skin type: none
Option of Paula's Choice: none because we strongly recommend against this type of cleanser. Make sure you choose a good water-soluble cleanser or make-up remover for beautiful and healthy skin!


Combination skin, Oily skin
Combination skin, Oily skin
Normal skin, Dry skin
All skin types
Combination skin, Oily skin

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