Summer skincare guide

Learning how to care for skin in summer is quite simple. A large routine upheaval or entire bathroom cabinet skin care product swap isn’t needed. A summer skincare routine should closely resemble, if not mirror, your year-round skin care regimen. However, due to the way summer impacts skin, you might want to explore lighter product textures, mattifying products to combat sweat-induced shine, add body acne solutions and most importantly, keep exfoliating! Let’s get into our tips to help you achieve glowing, protected skin all summer long.

What should my summer skincare routine be?

In the warmer months, you may want to alternate to more lightweight but equally hydrating textures to replenish what the long summer days may strip away. That being said, the most important step in your routine should be – you guessed it – SPF! This key step will allow other essential steps, like exfoliation, to work its magic while actively protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. When you’re spending the day outside or even sitting by the window, it’s important to reapply your SPF every two hours like clockwork.

Should I exfoliate in summer?

The truth is you can and should use exfoliants during the summer (or traditionally sunnier) months. Stopping this important step just because you’ll spend more time outdoors can give rise to an increase in dullness, clogged pores and dryness and will make any new discolorations more apparent.
Although it’s true that AHA leave-on exfoliants can make skin more sensitive to the sun, this concern is easily sidestepped by ensuring you’re applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily—and applying it liberally and evenly. Longer days outside when the sun’s shining and the UV index is 8+ (summer or not) also mean taking other protective steps, such as wearing UV-shielding clothing, a broad-brimmed hat, SPF-laced lip balm and sunglasses. Also important: avoid direct sun exposure during peak hours, typically 10 AM–4 PM.
So, yes, you can go in the sun after exfoliating if you take the proper precautions ahead of time. Don’t mistake the summer (sunny) season or a vacation as a free pass to get a tan. Doing so is deeply destructive to skin in numerous ways, from collagen degradation to irritation that harms every layer of skin—and the damage builds with each new exposure.

Summer guide

Should I stop using active ingredients in the summer?

You can absolutely continue to use, or add, active ingredients to your summer routine so long as you apply SPF. Some people believe they need to stop using ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide, retinol, BHA and AHA due to increased sun exposure but there’s no need to if you’re diligent about applying your SPF. For example, vitamin C products are beneficial year-round, including summer. They provide antioxidant protection against UV damage and help brighten the skin, from dull to glowing.

What’s the perfect summer skincare routine?

Let’s go through what an effective step-by-step summer skincare routine would be in the summer.

  1. Cleanse! You’re going to be wearing more SPF than usual during summer and it’s crucial to give your skin a deep clean every evening before the rest of your routine. We even recommend double cleansing to make sure you’re removing oil and debris from your complexion and priming it for the next step.
  2. Tone. This is an optional step based on your skin type & concerns. However, even if you don’t usually tone your skin, it’s a quicky and effective way to add a lightweight layer of hydration to the skin.
  3. Exfoliate. Some people believe that you don’t need to exfoliate in summer, but this is the step that’s really going to maintain pore hygiene, especially when you’re wearing SPF everyday. Make sure to always follow with SPF, ideally 15 minutes before exposure to sunlight and reapply every two hours. Some may prefer exfoliating in the evening and not morning & night during this warm season.
  4. Treat. The fourth step in your summer skincare routine includes Boosters, Serums & Treatments, which are great for delivering concentrated active ingredients without feeling heavy on the skin. This is your moment to really target all-year-round skin concerns while nourishing the skin in summer.
  5. Moisturise & SPF: Last but not least, you need to moisturise the skin and seal your routine with that essential SPF step. If you’re also applying make-up, make sure to allow your SPF to absorb for 15 minutes to ensure maximum protection.
  6. Bodycare. Many of us struggle with increased bumps from shaving or waxing, stretch marks, ingrown hairs, keratosis pilaris and more. To boost your confidence and tackle all these concerns in one, we recommend using our innovative 2% BHA Body Spot Treatment. It gently buffs away dead skin cells, revealing softer, smoother skin all over your body. Apply the cream liberally to the concerned area and always follow with SPF if you’re heading out into the sun!

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