Plinia Cauliflora (Jabuticaba) Fruit Extract



Plinia Cauliflora (Jabuticaba) Fruit Extract description

Jabuticaba is a dark berry native to Brazil and, like many berries, is a rich source of nearly a dozen polyphenolic antioxidants that can help visibly repair skin and shore up its natural defenses.Analysis of the fruit portion of the jabuticaba plant has shown it to contain various carotenoids, minerals (such as copper, selenium, calcium, and manganese), and vitamin E. Vitamin C is also present, but not in an amount that's considered meaningful for skin. The antioxidant benefits of this fruit extend to the body when jabuticaba is eaten or consumed as a supplement. In fact, compounds in this plant have proven to be particularly effective at neutralising some of the internal damage from cigarette smoke.

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