Malachite Extract



Malachite Extract at a glance

  • Extract of malachite, a copper-rich mineral
  • Copper’s integral to skin and body health
  • Helps curb the impact of environmental stressors
  • Promotes a youthful appearance

Malachite Extract description

Malachite extract comes from malachite, a mineral rich in copper. In cosmetics, malachite functions as an antioxidant, assisting in protecting skin from environmental stressors. Copper’s a critical mineral that assists in numerous processes that keep the human body functioning. This mineral is present in superoxide dismutase, a powerful enzymatic antioxidant which occurs naturally in the body. When applied topically to skin, copper helps improve skin health; however, it interacts negatively with vitamin C, so its combined use should be avoided. As an aside, keep in mind that if you want to see what copper can do for your skin, it’s better to use products that contain a direct form of it, such as copper PCA, rather than malachite extract since its copper content varies. The malachite extraction process consists of first grinding down the mineral into a fine powder and then increasing its solubility. Finally, the extract is neutralized. Malachite extract should not be confused with malachite green, a dye used in a myriad of applications; however, the extract can impart a soft blue hue to cosmetics when used at levels of 1% or greater. Recommended usage level of malachite extract in skin care is 1–5%.

Malachite Extract references

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