Keratosis Pilaris


Do you suffer from red bumps on your skin? Another name for this is keratosis pilaris. It's caused by cornification of the upper skin layer. Skin clots accumulate in the hair follicles, resulting in your skin feeling rough and lumpy and appearing red. Some people also suffer from minor inflammations in these red bumps. Discover more


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    Gently exfoliates dry, rough and bumpy acne-prone skin leaving it hydrated, smooth and soft.

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    Gently but effectively sheds built-up dead skin cells to reveal smoother, radiant skin.

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    This dream team transforms dry, rough and bumpy skin from the neck down, leaving it smooth, soft and hydrated.

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How to deal with red bumps

The best way to deal with red bumps is by using an exfoliating product. This effectively clears the pore and makes dead skin cells easier to peel off. To start, choose a BHA-exfoliant with active salicylic acid that removes dead skin cells and cleans the pores on the inside. If your skin doesn't respond well to salicylic acid, use an AHA exfoliant. AHA also effectively removes dead skin cells, but is unable to penetrate into the pore. You should always maintain skin that's prone to keratosis pilaris as well. You can do this by constantly exfoliating it. If you stop, the red bumps will likely return, something which you definitely don't want.

Keratosis pilaris: our products

Paula's Choice products are especially developed for various skin problems. For example, take our products for dealing with keratosis pilaris:

  • RESIST ANTI-AGING 10% AHA BODY LOTION With this creamy yet light body exfoliant with AHA, you can easily remove accumulated dead skin cells. This ensures smoother, younger-looking skin over your entire body. It also helps in preventing hard, red bumps from forming and is suitable for stubborn dry skin.
  • 2% BHA BODY SPOT EXFOLIANT By carefully cleaning, exfoliating and protecting your skin, you can significantly reduce bumps on your skin. This fast-drying, exfoliating body spot exfoliant with salicylic acid (BHA) removes dead skin cells and clears pores that cause red bumps and pimples.
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