Bidens Pilosa Extract

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Bidens Pilosa Extract at a glance

  • Said to be a plant-derived alternative to retinol
  • Offers antioxidant and soothing benefits
  • Found in the blends Revinage and Remoist
  • Native to South America + parts of Africa and Europe

Bidens Pilosa Extract description

_Bidens pilosa_ extract is an edible plant native to tropical regions of South America. It’s also found on the west coast of Africa and in peninsular regions of Europe. It’s sometimes referred to as blackjack due to its black seeds. Scientists have identified over 300 compounds in this plant, and it’s being studied for a broad range of uses beyond traditional folklore remedies. This plant extract’s main claim to fame is due to it having retinol-like activity on skin. Most of this is due to a compound known as phytol that’s found in the green part of this plant. The phytol oxidizes to phytanic acid, which studies have shown has affinity for retinoic acid receptor sites on skin cells. As such, supplier studies have shown this plant offers some of the same visible benefits as retinol without side effects such as irritation; however, third-party comparative data to support this claim is lacking. In other news, it’s been shown to boost skin’s natural supply of antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase and catalase, giving skin a better chance of withstanding and recovering from environmental aggressors. It also plays helpful roles in fading discolorations, strengthening skin’s barrier, soothing skin and helping to control oil, the latter according to supplier studies. _Bidens pilosa_ extract is supplied as a blend whose recommended usage level is 1–2%.

Bidens Pilosa Extract references

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