Aspalathus Linearis Extract



Aspalathus Linearis Extract at a glance

  • Plant extract that’s also known as Rooibos
  • Contains aspalathin, an antioxidant unique to Aspalathus linearis
  • Assists skin in protecting itself from pro-aging damage
  • Exhibits skin-soothing benefits

Aspalathus Linearis Extract description

_Aspalathus linearis_ extract is a natural skin care ingredient derived from a South African plant of the same name. It works to keep skin looking youthful and healthy through its antioxidant benefits. This plant’s also known as Rooibos, with the leaves of this shrub commonly used to create herbal tea. _Aspalathus linearis_ produces an antioxidant-rich extract whose polyphenols assist skin in mitigating the pro-aging damage that environmental agents, like pollution and UV rays, cause. Among these helpful compounds, aspalathin is the most notable polyphenol present, since it’s only found in this plant. Much like with other antioxidant-rich extracts, this skin care ingredient should only be packaged within air-tight and light-proof containers so that it maintains its potency. _Aspalathus linearis_ extract also helps soothe skin, although more research is needed to conclude just how this natural ingredient does so. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel has yet to review _Aspalathus linearis_ extract. According to ingredient suppliers, it’s formulated in cosmetics in amounts between 1% and 3% and shows antioxidant properties at just 0.1%.

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