Anastatica Hierochuntica Extract



Anastatica Hierochuntica Extract at a glance

  • Extract derived from a desert-growing plant known as Rose of Jericho
  • Source of skin-soothing, anti-aging antioxidants, including quercetin
  • May also improve uneven skin tone
  • Long history of use in folk medicine (indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa)

Anastatica Hierochuntica Extract description

_Anastatica hierochuntica_ extract comes from a desert-growing plant known as Rose of Jericho. Like some other plants, _Anastatica hierochuntica_ can survive in harsh climactic conditions, including extra-dry environments. However, what allows a plant to do this in nature doesn’t exactly translate when the extract is applied to skin. That said, certain aspects of the plant should help skin better withstand environmental assault and hence have an anti-ageing effect. Research has shown that this plant extract is a potent antioxidant and soothing ingredient, although it isn’t as well-researched as many other plants more widely used in cosmetics. Still, it’s an intriguing ingredient that along with antioxidant benefit may also improve skin tone by modulating factors in skin’s surface that trigger discolouration. Of note, phytochemical studies of Anastatica hierochuntica have shown it contains the beneficial compound quercetin. This plant has a long history of use in folk medicine and is indigenous to the Middle East and parts of North Africa.

Anastatica Hierochuntica Extract references

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