Ocimum Basilicum flower extract


Plant extracts

Ocimum Basilicum flower extract at a glance

  • Plant-extract taken from the flower of Ocimum basilicum, AKA sweet basil
  • Rich in antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenolic compounds
  • Helps renew skin's protection from daily aggressors that lead to signs of aging
  • Is often combined with Ocimum basilicum leaf extract

Ocimum Basilicum flower extract description

Ocimum basilicum flower extract, AKA sweet basil flower extract, is an antioxidant-rich extract that helps renew skin’s protection from daily aggressors that lead to or can worsen signs of aging. Research has shown this extract has significant amounts of flavonoids, metabolites found in plants that assist in protecting skin from stressors, and phenolic compounds, molecules that neutralize external irritants for a glowing and refreshed appearance. The flower extract of this plant naturally contains fragrance chemicals such as limonene and citral which are proven to irritate skin. Hence, despite being a great source of antioxidants, this plant extract isn’t among those we’d strongly recommend looking for in skin care.

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Ingredient ratings


Proven and supported by independent studies. Outstanding active ingredient for most skin types or concerns.


Necessary to improve a formula's texture, stability, or penetration.


Generally non-irritating but may have aesthetic, stability, or other issues that limit its usefulness.


There is a likelihood of irritation. Risk increases when combined with other problematic ingredients.


May cause irritation, inflammation, dryness, etc. May offer benefit in some capability but overall, proven to do more harm than good.


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