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Why you should always use an SPF


Using a sunscreen is about a lot more than just sunburn, it’s your best defence against skin ageing.

It’s a misconception that you only need to wear sun protection when the sun is shining. UV rays from the sun affect your skin every day. At best, they damage skin and cause signs of ageing such as brown spots, wrinkles, and dull looking skin. At worst, they can cause skin cancer.

What you should know about the sun
Living in the northern hemisphere, it’s easy to assume the daily risk of sun damage is low. But UV rays are silent killers - you might not be able to feel them but they are still causing damage even on cloudy or hazy days and beware they can pass through clear glass.

Staying in the shade and wearing a hat only protects against a portion of the sun’s rays. Plus surrounding surfaces such as water, sand, cement, and grass reflect the rays from the ground to your skin giving you a double whammy of exposure.

How to protect your skin from the sun:

  • Daily use of a sunscreen or moisturiser with an SPF 25 +
  • Apply your SPF liberally 15- 20 minutes before you go outside
  • Use sunscreen on all body parts exposed to the sun
  • Remember to re-apply if you're outside a lot, sweating or swimming.

Make an SPF part of your daily skin care routine all year round.

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