Resist Omega + Complex Serum


Whatever your skin type and concern, omegas are what all healthy skin needs.

Concentrated levels of fatty acids from flaxseed, passion fruit and olive oil strengthen the skin’s surface and help replenish dull, dehydrated skin.

Resist Anti-Aging Omega Serum

This serum nourishes dehydrated skin, strengthens the skin barrier and allows it to behave younger.

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Feed your skin

1. Passion Fruit - Moisturises & helps fight signs of ageing
2. Chia Seed - Strengthens & smooths wrinkles
3. Olive Oil - Replenishes & hydrates
4. Flax Seed - An anti-inflammatory & redness reducer


The essential role of omega fatty acids

Our new Resist Omega + Complex Serum delivers the benefits of omega fatty acids in a lightweight, easy-to-apply formula. Packed with concentrated levels of omega-3, -6 and -9 oils, plus skin-identical ceramides and hydrating ingredients, this nourishing serum replenishes dull, dehydrated skin and softens fine lines and wrinkles for visibly younger, stronger and healthier-looking skin. Read more...


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Our leave-on exfoliants gently remove built-up dead skin cells to reveal healthy, new skin.

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