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Paulasreviews - Works wonders
I bought this item because I have small areas of pitted skin on my forehead and jaw area, due to blemishes. While they cover up quite well with foundation, I still feel conscience by it. I am really glad I bought this though as I have noticed a difference, after about 10 uses. I use it about 3-4 times a week and it feels silky and nice when applied. I have noticed a difference as my pitted skin is now reducing and I feel more confident. I just wish the product was a little bigger, maybe a 30ml or 50ml, for the same price.
Emanuela - Amazing
I absolutely love this product, it makes a huge difference to my skin, fine lines are gone, and texture and pores are so much better. I use it in the morning with the vitamin c serum, before moisturiser. I wish there was a way to tell when it is running out, and it is very expensive, hence the 4 star.
Char - Excellent for pores and texture
I’ve been using this product now for about 6 months.
It’s been excellent at improving the texture of my skin and minimising the appearance of pores. It gave me and immediate brightening effect which has been long lasting.
I use 2 or 3 nights a week and that’s enough to give me excellent results.
The best retinol product I’ve come across.
kay - Paulas choice
I am loving this retinol booster so far, it's nearly finish and going to my 2nd new bottle, it made my skin smooth and brighter. Only downside is not alot in the bottle only 15 ml, so far i've used this for just over a month every night but worth it though in my opinion.
Lella - Wonderful product
I have been using this with my moisturizer in the morning, I feel like the extra retinol is really making a big difference, my skin feels rejuvenated and plumper
Helen - Great product
I have used up all of mine (and it would have been nice to know i was running out, but product stability is the most important thing i know). I often used it neat and it gave me good skin days quite often, I also did love mixing it with moisturisers as well. I've used prescription retinol so my skin had no issues handling this stuff and it didn't make me peel at all.
I love the fact that you can add this to anything which means you can make your favourite serum/moisturiser into a more effective version of itself and I would repurchase if I wasn't busy testing out the other clinical retinol product that PC does. The formula is yellow and runny and there is no fragrance to it - it mixes well and sinks in quick (depending on what you mix it with).
Highly recommend this if you want retinol in your life (which you should).
Binky Bowles-Balls - Holy Grail!
Had this in my latest order. It's an absolutely beautiful product, light as water, non-greasy too and utterly brilliant as it can be added to almost any other Paula's Choice product for extra 'oomph'.
Totally lightweight and gorgeously non-irritating. I reckon 150-200 pumps in this bottle, so completely worth the price on a 'cost per wear' basis.
Another amazing product. 10/10