• Clear Exfoliating Body Spray BHA Full size
  • Clear Exfoliating Body Spray BHA Full size

Clear 2% BHA Body Spray

9 reviews
  • Quick drying, alcohol-free formula penetrates pores to eliminate spots and blackheads on acne-prone skin.

    From 1 May 2020, the Clear 2% BHA Body Spray is unfortunately no longer available. We recommend using the 2% BHA Body Lotion instead. Just like the Clear 2% BHA Body Spray, it contains salicylic acid (BHA) which gently exfoliates dry, rough skin, for example on the back or shoulders (bacne) while leaving skin hydrated, smooth and soft.

  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Concern: Breakouts , Blackheads , Keratosis Pilaris
  • Ingredients: Licorice root extract , Salicylic Acid/BHA , Hyaluronic Acid View all


Full size 118 ml
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
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  • What does it do?

    Get smooth, clear skin from head to toe.

    This easy-to-use body spray contains 2% BHA (salicylic acid) which penetrates pores to eliminate breakouts, spots and blackheads on skin, for example on the back or shoulders (bacne). The quick drying, alcohol-free formula contains anti-irritants to soothe and calm reddened skin, leaving skin smooth, hydrated and clear.

  • Key Features

    Fights breakouts and blackheads

    Reduces red bumps

    Hydrates skin

  • How to use

    Spray evenly over affected areas. Allow to dry, then follow with moisturiser if desired. Do not spray directly onto face. Instead, spray into palm of one hand and use the fingers on your other hand to apply the liquid to your face, avoiding the immediate eye area and mouth.

  • Reviews

    9 reviews
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    Ruby - Disappointed
    I used to use the lotion but I thought this would be better for me as it can reach those awkward places on my back. There’s literally been no difference. I really like Paula’s products, but this time to be honest I want my money back.

    Customer Care: Hi there! We're sorry the Clear 2% BHA Body Spray wasn't a fit for you! Be sure to contact our Customer Care for assistance.
    Sunnyhaven - Easy to use
    How long before you got results? easy to use for last 10 days but no improvement.

    Customer Care: Hello, and thank you for sharing your experience with us and for your query! Please contact a member of our Customer Care team, who can assist you further.
    Jen7 - A must have product
    Very effective on stubborn bacne - reduces redness and soreness quickly and significantly reduces new breakouts. The spray format is ideal. Have repurchased a few times and will continue to do so.
    Magdalena - Changed life
    I always thought that spots on my back are just part of me and I have to live with them - hiding my back, feeling uncomfortable in the swimming pool or on the beach but after trying Paula’s Choice exfoliating spray I realised that I too can have a smooth beautiful back and I would highly recommend it to anybody who is struggling with the same problem! No more spots, my skin is so smooth and I finally can feel comfortable in my body. It is so easy to use as well! Thank you Paula’s Choice for your scientific approach and excellent work you do on making your products. I have been a very satisfied and happy customer for a few years now and all her products helped me be myself.
    I can’t remember when I had a spot on my body! Spots are something from the past.
    Thank you !
    Monica - Great exfoliant
    This is a potent BHA exfoliant that deals quickly with back acne and any spots on the body. I ocasionally use it on the face when needed, but only at night because it can be tacky of the skin. I also use it on my legs to calm down my skin after shaving and avoid red bumps. It's a nice size so it lasts a long time.
    Riva - Bye bye bacne
    This product has changed my life. I have suffered with pimples on my chest and back since I was a teenager and this has made my skin so much clearer. It is easy to use and quick drying. Highly recommend!
    Ashley - Wow
    This stuff cleared my boyfriends keratosis after he has had it since he was 14. Absolute miracle, I cannot get over this stuff.
    f090 - Its become an everyday tool in my fight against Acne!
    While it hasn't completely cleared my acne, I do find it very helpful. It keeps my acne to much more bearable levels - I still get spots but less of them and they tend to be less bad.

    This is a great product, unlike other BHA products I've tried in the past this one does not leave my skin red, sting, make my skin sticky or overly dry. It drys really fast and which means I can use it in the morning, when I layer other products like SPF on top. I use this daily on my face, arms and chest.
    Marie - Best bacne solver
    Fear bacne no more with this body spray. Easy to apply and I saw great results after 2 weeks of daily use.
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  • Ingredients

    What are the key ingredients?

    Licorice root extract
    Plant extract that has potent antioxidant and skin-soothing properties. Can be effective in improving the look of an uneven skin tone.

    Salicylic Acid/BHA
    Primarily an exfoliant, helping shed dead skin on the surface and inside the pore, therefore effective for reducing breakouts and blackheads. It also has soothing properties.

    Hyaluronic Acid
    Component of skin tissue. A superior skin-replenishing ingredient that can boost skin’s moisture content, soothe, and defend against moisture loss.

    Aqua, Dipropylene Glycol (hydration), Butylene Glycol (hydration), Polysorbate 20 (texture enhancer), Pentylene Glycol (hydration), Salicylic Acid (Beta Hydroxy Acid, exfoliant), Panthenol (skin replenishing), etanorulayH muidoS (skin replenishing). Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (skin-soothing), Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract (skin-soothing), Berberis Vulgaris (Barberry) Root Extract (calming plant extract), Lauric Acid (texture enhancer), Allantoin (skin-soothing), Glycerin (skin replenishing), PEG/PPG-17/6 Copolymer (skin-conditioning agent), Methyl Gluceth-20 (skin replenishing), Glycereth-26 (texture-enhancing), Sodium Hydroxide (pH adjuster), Sodium Metabisulfite (preservative), Disodium EDTA (stabilizer), Potassium Sorbate (preservative).

  • Faq

    Good to know before you start:

    It is best to gradually build up use of a BHA product, starting to use it a couple of times a week only. If there is no adverse reaction, this may be increased to every other day at night and then, if you wish, every night. Some people increase use to twice daily (morning and night), but it really all depends on the condition of your skin. You need to experiment a bit to see what suits you best. During the day, always use a moisturiser with a broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater. Your skin will in fact be slightly more sensitive to sunlight when using an exfoliant, so the chance of sunburn and sun damage is slightly higher.

    How often can I use Clear Exfoliating Body Spray?

    You can use Clear Exfoliating Body Spray twice daily, morning and evening, or up to three times per day, such as after your post-workout shower. Just spray onto clean skin where breakouts or clogged pores are a concern.

    Can I use Clear Exfoliating Body Spray on my face?

    The ingredients in Clear Exfoliating Body Spray are fine for use on the face; however, we do not advise spraying this product directly onto your face. Instead, spray into the palm of one hand and use fingers on your other hand to apply the liquid to your face, avoiding the immediate eye area and mouth.

    I’ve been using the 2% BHA Liquid in a spray bottle; should I switch to this product? What’s the difference?

    The 2% BHA Liquid formula remains a slightly more potent option despite the two products having identical concentrations of salicylic acid. However, Clear Exfoliating Body Spray contains a greater array of potent anti-irritants designed to reduce redness and inflammation—two issues that are often more prominent when acne occurs from the neck down. We suspect that most people will prefer the lighter texture of the Clear Exfoliating Body Spray, as it’s better for use on larger areas where breakouts or red bumps (such as keratosis pilaris) are a concern.

  • Expert Advice


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