Basic skin care

The best products for combination skin

Combination skin means that your face has two or more different skin types at the same time. It is important to use the right skincare products to restore the balance, even if that means that you sometimes have to use different products for different areas of your skin.

Four important tips for a more balanced skin

Take a good look at your daily skincare routine. Do you have a problem with spots? Or are you trying to conceal the red marks that spots leave behind? With these tips, your skin will be noticeably more balanced!

Dry skin? essential ingredients for your day/night cream

When choosing a day or night cream you should pay attention to the ingredients. They determine whether the cream will help your dry skin or not. That doesn’t mean you have to know everything about all the possible ingredients, but there are a few essential components that give you added assurance that a skincare product is likely to be effective.

Exfoliating your skin

Well-formulated exfoliants with AHA or BHA (we will explain what they stand for in a moment) are extremely beneficial to your skin. These products combat signs of ageing, spots and other skin issues. Read more...

How to determine your skintype

Products formulated for your skin type offer the best chance of giving you the results you want. Follow these simple steps to determine which type of skin you have and learn which types of products are right for you.

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