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This is how niacinamide helps your skin

Niacinamide may not get the same attention that retinol or vitamin C does, but it has serious good-for-skin qualities you may not know about. Whether it’s in your serum, moisturiser or other treatment, here are the benefits you can expect.

What is niacinamide?

Also known as vitamin B3, it helps give skin the tools it needs to repair the concerns that vex you most—enlarged pores, unevenness and fine lines. It also helps reduce free-radical damage. Free-radicals invisibly assault skin unprotected from UV exposure, pollution and irritants, gradually aging it.

Why you should put it on your face

Niacinamide isn’t a new ingredient, but it may be the one element you need to up your skincare game. Consider adding niacinamide to your routine if you’re dealing with one (or more) of these annoying skin concerns.

  • Enlarged pores: When enlarged (due to sun exposure or clogging), pores have essentially stretched out. Niacinamide helps to "tighten" them back up by helping strengthen skin’s elasticity. 
  • Red marks: As most of us know, post-breakout marks are in no hurry to leave your face. If you have them, good news—studies show 2% (or more) concentrations of niacinamide are especially effective at helping fade those marks faster (so long as you’re wearing SPF every day).]
  • Uneven skin texture & fine lines: Just as they can tighten enlarged pores, the elasticity-strengthening benefits of niacinamide extend to help improve the texture of skin (including reducing the appearance of fine lines).

Niacinamide is also an excellent ingredient for those struggling with breakouts AND wrinkles (AKA "brinkles").4]

Paula’s Choice products that contain niacinamide

Not sure of which niacinamide product to add to your routine? Experiment with our Resist 10% Niacinamide Booster; just mix it into any serum or moisturiser (2-3 drops for a milder treatment, 4-5 to go the extra-strength route).

Find all niacinamide-enriched Paula’s Choice products

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