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Paula Begoun


Motivated by her own struggle with acne and eczema Paula began decades of research into skincare ingredients. Now, with over 20 bestselling beauty books she is the go-to authority on skincare. As the innovative force behind the brand, her mission is to make sure nobody has to struggle with their skin like she did, giving everybody access to skincare that achieves visible results.



At the age of 11 I began a tormented struggle with acne. I tried numerous skin-care products and medical treatments. Yet my skin didn’t get better. Then at the age of 25 (and I’ll never forget this moment), I read the ingredient label on a skin-care product I was using and the fourth ingredient was acetone. That’s nail polish remover! No wonder my skin wasn’t getting better. From that moment on I read all of the research I could find on skin care and eventually I was able to put together a skin-care routine that completely transformed my skin.

After suffering for all of those years, I wanted to do everything possible to prevent others from going through the same pain. So I started writing books and doing TV appearances to tell the world which skin-care products really work. I have since written a total of 20 books, including the current edition of my book Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me.

In 1995, at the request of thousands of my readers, I decided to use my years of research on skin-care ingredients to create my own skin-care line, Paula’s Choice. I use only proven ingredients that will truly make your skin look younger, radiant, and wrinkle- and acne-free.

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